Pantoprazole: Experience in patients taking very high doses of pantoprazole (> 240 mg) is limited. Spontaneous post-marketing reports of overdose are generally within the known safety profile of pantoprazole.

Pantoprazole is not removed by hemodialysis. In case of overdosage, treatment should be symptomatic and supportive.

Single oral doses of pantoprazole at 709 mg/kg, 798 mg/kg, and 887 mg/kg were lethal to mice, rats, and dogs, respectively. The symptoms of acute toxicity were hypoactivity, ataxia, hunched sitting, limb-splay, lateral position, segregation, absence of ear reflex, and tremor.

Levosulpiride: In the normal therapeutic dose range the possibility of side effects are less. But extrapyramidal disturbances and sleep disorders may occur with higher doses and in patients who are sensitive to dopamine antagonists.

In such cases therapy should be stopped or the dose should be reduced as dictated by the clinical condition of the patient.